IEP Special Considerations & LRE

Rev 8/13
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School Year:
SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: The following have been considered:
The communication needs of the student have been considered.
Assistive Technology:
The assistive technology needs of the student have been considered.
Student with Print Disability:
Student access to print material has been considered.
Student with Limited English Proficiency: The language needs of the student, as those related to this IEP, have been considered.
Student Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing: The language and communication needs, opportunities for direct communications with peers
and staff in the student’s language and communication mode, academic level, and full range
of needs of the student have been considered.
Student with Visual Impairment:
After assessment of the student’s reading and writing skills, media needs and future needs,
instruction in and use of Braille has been considered.
If behavior impedes the student’s learning or that of others, behavioral strategies, including positive
behavioral interventions and supports are included in this IEP.
Extended School Year Services:
Extended School Year (ESY) services have been considered.
Short Term Objective:
The short term objective needs of the student have been considered.
If, after considering the special factors, the IEP team determines that the student requires a particular service, those services are addressed
in other sections of this IEP.
Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
To the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities must be educated with students without disabilities. This is
called the least restrictive environment (LRE). The IEP team determines the placement that is the LRE for the student based on
consideration of all of the following factors: 1) the educational needs of the student, 2) opportunities for education with age
appropriate peers, 3) education in the school that the student would attend if not a student with a disability, and 4) any potential
harmful effect of the placement on the student, the quality of services that the student needs or on other students.
The student should not be removed from the general education classroom solely because of needed accommodations or
modifications in the general curriculum. Removal from the general education environment occurs only if the nature or severity of the
disability is such that education in general education classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved
Areas of Need
see IEP goals
Option Codes
Service Delivery Option Codes
A. Consult / Monitor
B. Special education services in general education.
C. Special education services in a special education setting.
D. Preschool special education services in home or natural setting only.
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