Initial IEP meeting

Initial IEP meeting
Student name: ___________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________________
1. Introduction of team members (if it hasn’t been done)
2. Purpose of meeting
3. Development of Goals
 What are the student’s strengths and interest?
 What are the student’s unique needs that result from disability addressed
in Evaluation Report?
 How do these needs affect the child’s participation and progress in the
general curriculum?
 What are the parent’s concerns for the education of their child?
4. Service Time
 How much service time is needed for student to be successful?
 What is student missing while receiving pull out services? (LRE
 Does the student need a child specific paraprofessional?
6. Classroom Modifications and Accommodations
7. Other areas to consider
 Testing (district wide testing and state testing)
 Extended School Year – if more data is needed, the team will need to meet
again in the spring to make a final determination.
 Special Transportation
 Assistive Technology
 Services for nonacademic and extracurricular activities
8. Questions/Comments
9. Medical Assistance
Thank-you for coming.