Biography of Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum

Biography of Chris Skrebowski, Editor of Petroleum Review, Energy
Institute, London
Chris has spent his entire working career in the oil industry split roughly
two-thirds as an oil journalist and one-third as a planner/market analyst
within the industry.
He became editor of Petroleum Review in June 1997 having edited
Petroleum Economist for the previous three years. Prior to that he had eight
years working for the Saudis as an oil market analyst in London.
Chris started his working career in 1970 as a long-term planner for BP and
then joined Petroleum Times as a journalist just before the first oil crisis of
1973/74. In the late 1970s he edited Offshore Services, an offshore oil
As well as writing extensively for a range of oil industry related publications
he has also broadcast on radio and TV on oil and gas subjects. One of the
founder members of the ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil)
group he has a great interest in oil depletion and its consequences. He is also
a trustee on the board of ODAC (Oil Depletion Analysis Centre).
He has made a number of presentations on oil depletion over the last three
years in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Dublin, Lisbon, Cologne,
Denver and Geneva. In company with Dr Colin Campbell he has made
presentations to the UK and Irish governments.