Review Questions for Oil and Natural Gas

Review Questions for Oil and Natural Gas
List the pros and cons of the Agricultural and Industrial Cultural Revolutions.
What is the Information and Globalization Revolution?
From what material does petroleum form? How does it form? How long does it
take? What are the necessary conditions required?
How has the Petroleum Industry changed from the mid 1800’s to present?
Why are most petroleum deposits younger than 200 million years?
List the pros and cons of using fossil fuels.
What is a Source Rock, Reservoir Rock, Cap Rock & “Oil Trap”?
What geologic structures do petroleum geologists look for as high potential areas
of oil/gas?
Can petroleum be produced abiotically? If so, how?
What is Thermal Depolymerization (TDP) and what does it do?
Where do most reserves exist? Who is OPEC? Which member has the most oil?
Annual production of crude oil; who uses the most? Primary use?
When will global oil supplies be economically depleted?
What is the difference between conventional and unconventional fossil fuels?
What are Oil Shale and Tar Sand? Who is mining these and where?
What are the drawbacks of mining tar sands and oil shale?
What is Hydraulic Fracturing, aka Fracking?
What are the drawbacks of Fracking?
What are Methane or Gas Hydrates and why is there interest in them?
How do scientists locate Methane Hydrates? What does BSR stand for?
What are some concerns about mining methane hydrates