Middle Ages Brochure Project

Middle Ages Project
Choose your top three topics or persons to research
from the Middle Ages. These are just some of many –
Just some possible topics/people include:
Joan of Arc
William the Conqueror (William of Normandy)
Catherine of Aragon
Eleanor of Aquitaine
King Henry II
King John (henry’s younger son)
King Edward I
Pope Gregory VII
Emperor Henry IV
Pope Urban II
King Richard I
Saladin (Muslim leader during crusades)
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Castle Defense
Daily Life in the Castle
Daly life in a manor
Daily Life of the Peasants
Daily life of a monk
Life in a monastery
The church in the middle ages
Cathedral design/architecture
Knight “Life” 
samurai “Life”
*compare/contrast Samurai/Knights
Battle of Hastings
Black Death
Christianity in the Middle Ages
Magna Carta
hundred years’ War
Medieval Weaponry
The Vikings