Middle Ages Test Review for April 28

Middle Ages Test Review for April 28
1. Go over Venn Diagram and know what happened during Roman and what happened during Middle
Ages. You should know where statements belong. For example True or False: Were serfs slaves?
2. Battle of Hastings: Who was involved? What year? What happened? What was William’s wife’s
name? What groups of people were fighting each other? How did Harold die?...
3. Knowledge about the Bayeux Tapestry. What was it about? How long approximately was it?
4. Know the Feudalism hierarchy triangle. What group went on what place? There are four levels.
Draw it.
5. Know that reason why Heraldry was started.
6. What were the Middle Ages divided into: Early, High, Late
7. Who was Charlemagne and what was he known for?
8. Magna Carta: Who were involved, what is it, how old is it, what does it mean, what did it become
the basis of?
9. Castles: Go over notes you had to write down. Why were they built. name of indoor toilet, what
was the best castle, which was made of wood, what made them obsolete, motte, moat, features of
castle, first line of defense on concentric castle….advantages and disadvantages.
10. Guilds: know what they were.
11. Joan of Arc and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Who were they and why are they important? Describe Code
of Chivalry and example.
12. Black death: where did it come from, what spread it, what stopped it from spreading, when did it
happen, … notes from documentary will help.
13. Crusades: What were they, what caused them, how much did it cost, what were the effects or ideas
brought back(see note sheet), prophet of Islam is, religions that make up Holy Land, head of Catholic
Church, Muslim “bible” is, Saladin was, a Saracen is, …
14. Marco Polo travelled the Silk Road to China.
15. Genghis Khan: Who is he, what did he do, what did his group do, what is he famous for, how early
did Mongol boys learn to ride a horse….notes from documentary.
16. Vikings: fiercest warriors were called? originally from?
17. Two people were married by simply telling each other…..
18. Worst punishment a person could receive from the church…..