Chapter 10 study guide questions

Option #6 Chapter 10 Study questions
Use the following questions and the quiz show template to create a PowerPoint quiz show.
A) True or False…if false correct statement.
1) Monasteries and convents kept alive the learning from the past.
2) Christians fought the Crusades because they wanted control of
3) Vassals paid soldiers money to protect their land.
4) Serfs could be sold as slaves if they did not work hard enough.
5) Farming changed little during the Middle Ages.
6) Nobles built castles to protect themselves from enemies.
7) People in the Middle Ages learned about Christianity from art.
8) Gothic architecture uses arches and thick walls.
9) Important developments in law took place during the Middle Ages.
10) Literature in the Middle Ages was written only in Latin
B. fill in the blank with the best answer.
1) Feudalism was based on the holding of _____________ .
2) Christians fought the Crusades against the _____________ .
3) _____________ were bound to the land of the manor.
4) _____________ architecture uses thin walls, pointed arches, many windows, and
flying buttresses.
5) The English called their lawmaking assembly _____________
6) What did Henry II introduce into English law during the Middle Ages?
7) Where did students study subjects of higher learning? __________________
8) Who called for the First Crusade? __________________
9) What is one thing that improved farming in the Middle Ages?
10) What did a page become when he was about 15 years old? __________________
C. Find the vocabulary word that matches the definition.
a) where a noble held court
b) peasants who worked on manor farms
c) military journey to win the Holy Land
d) part of a fief that peasants farmed for a lord
e) Palestine
f) poor farmworkers
g) follower of the religion Muhammad founded
h) land, and everything on it, which a lord gave to a vassal
i) kings and nobles
j) gave loyalty for land