Larry Symonds in Vietnam sends this post:

Larry Symonds in Vietnam sends this post:
We are in Hue (the historic capital of Vietnam and site of the major battles during the Tet
offensive). A beautiful city. this morning we traveled about an hour out of the city to the
poorest part of this province to visit the school we dedicated last year. Alomost didn't
make it with muddy roads. A wonderful ceremony with the town offcials, the school
principal and teachers. Presented a Queen Anne Rotary Flag. Distributed gifts, including
pencils, toothbrushes, school suuplies, toys, etc to kids and teachers. By the time we left
the entire hamlet had turned out to honor us. This little effort has an enormous impact on
the entire community and they truly show their appreciation.
Now for some disappoinmnet. You may have heard that a major typhoon is heading for
Danang and will make landfall just when we are scheduled to dedicate the school we
helped fund. there is an evacuation going on, so that ceremony is cancelled. We will still
be there, right on the beach (the hotel assures us they can withstand the wish us
The firts few days have been extraordinarily rewarding. We spent an afternoon at a Peace
Village in Hanoi, wuith disabled children (mostly suffering fromn the effects of Agent
Orange). With 5 Vietnam War vets from New York along, this was particularly moving.
We also spent time at an orphanage in Haiphong and a school whcih trains disadvantaged
youth in hotel and restaurant skills (run by a French NGO).
Wwe visted a helmut factory run by a foundation established by an American to provide
helmuts for schoolchildren (and jobs for Vietnamese).
Much more later, when I get a chance (and hopefully i can get some pictures sent too).
My best to everyone.