Review Chapters 26-29

A.P. U.S. History
Review for Chapters 26-29
Johnson and the Vietnam war 1053
Consequences of the Vietnam War 1054
Characteristics of the 60s generation 1954
Counterculture: Sex, drugs, rock & roll 1056
Age of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam War 1058
Characteristics of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam 1059
Homecoming of Vietnam veterans 1060
MLK’s views on the Vietnam war 1067
1968 Chicago Democrat Party Convention violence 1069
Consequences of the Tet Offensive 1065, 1067
Rev. Jesse Jackson’s positions on race 1070
Nixon’s visit to People’s Republic of China 1081
Ping-Pong Diplomacy 1081
Rosa Parks 1008
Jackie Robinson 1011
Greensboro sit-in 1018-1019
Consequences of the Freedom rides 1023
Little Rock and federal troops 1016
Reason for the March on Washington 1027
Reasons MLK chose Birmingham 1024
What specifically did the Voting Rights Act do? 1035
Locations of the sit-ins 1018-1019
Types of music that influenced Elvis Presley 970-971
GI Bill of Rights 974
Sputnik 974
Characteristics of 1950s suburban life 974-975
Supported teenagers as a separate community 981
Effect of U-2 spy plane shot down over USSR 989
Eisenhower’s foreign policy 989
Domino Theory 992
Consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis 999
Post WWII US involvement in Caribbean 991
How USSR isolated itself after WWII 932
United Nations General Assembly 934
United Nations Security Council 934
The Truman Doctrine 936
Marshall Plan 937
Containment 935
NATO 938
Warsaw Pact 938
Dixiecrats 941
Effect of national security concerns on federal power 943
Consequences of U.S. involvement in the Korean War 958
Women in the 1950s 950-951
Korean War 955
How Korean War ended 956
Essay questions deals with the expansion of federal power from the New Deal
through the Nixon administration.
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