ANNE SONG Vietnam Graphic Organizer 2 - History

Evidence of Inner Thoughts
(Actions, expressions, appearance, history,
body language, what is seen and not seen,
what is said and not said, spoken word,
choice of words, tone of voice)
Beliefs or
(What the person
is thinking)
Feelings, hopes,
and fears
(What the person
desires and is
concerned about)
(What the person
cares about or
regards as
Conclusions about inner thoughts
Interviews from the Vietnam Era Preparation
Imagine that you are the figure/speaker examined in the assigned primary document. Role-play this individual
and share with your “home” group your experience of and feelings about the Vietnam War. One person in your
“home” group will volunteer you and ask a set of questions:
o Who are you?
o What is your experience of the war?
o What are your feelings about the war?
o Do you believe the US made the right decision to intervening in the Vietnam War? Explain why.
Your main task is to persuade your group why or why not you believe the US made the right decision to
intervene in the Vietnam War. Imagine you are the character and assess the US involvement; what would your
character think? Think about your character with your group and jot down some points you are going to use to
answer your interview questions.
Who are
Document #:
What is your experience
What are your
of the war? (Where were feelings about the
you during the war? Do
you know anyone who
was harmed in the war?
Were you directly harmed
by the war? Were you
indirectly affected by the
Do you believe the US made
the right decision by
intervening in the Vietnam
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