School Fees 2008/9 - High March School

March 2008
Dear Parents,
School Fees 2008/9
At the recent Governing Board Finance Sub-Committee Meeting a review was
undertaken of the level of fees for the academic year 2008/9 in order to
support continued investment in outstanding teaching and educational
facilities in accordance with the School’s strategic development plan.
Indoor Heated Swimming Pool
After 5 years of hard work to overcome planning obstructions, construction
of our fabulous indoor heated level deck swimming pool at Junior House is
scheduled to commence in the Summer holidays. This superb new facility
will enable the children to swim not only during curricular P.E. time, but
before and after school, on Saturday mornings and in the school holidays.
Dependent upon the children’s requirements, family use of the pool may
be available outside core school hours. The Governors are totally
committed to this exciting project to enhance further our swimming squad’s
reputation for success, to enable the children to swim on site, and to
enhance the children’s extra-curricular activities. We see it as the School’s
responsibility to fund the bricks and mortar of the fabric of High March.
However, in order to ensure that we are able to provide a state-of-the-art
pool building with the most sophisticated filtration and mechanical
systems, we shall be launching a fundraising appeal to assist in funding
extras for the pool such as fixtures, fittings and underfloor heating . This
appeal will focus on a few key social events and we are enormously
grateful to Mr. Peter Jones one of our Year 1 parents, for agreeing to head
the fundraising committee. A separate letter from Mrs. Clifford is enclosed
in this regard.
Other investment
Our website will be relaunched during the course of 2008/9 and work on
this is already underway
After construction of the pool, the Junior House grounds will be
landscaped and new outdoor facilities for learning through play will be
Investment will continue into upgrading and replacing computers and other
ICT facilities throughout the School
The Astroturf at Upper School will be replaced with a new and bright
surface incorporating a short tennis court.
At High March we are privileged to employ a large number of experienced,
qualified and dedicated staff who are pivotal to the outstanding academic
results we achieve year after year. Their salaries and teachers’ pensions
constitute our major expenditure. In addition, both energy and food costs are
predicted to increase exponentially. The fees will therefore be increased by
the minimum amount required to cover the School’s recurring overheads.
The termly fees with effect from September 2008 will be:
Nursery ‘R’ (5 mornings)
Nursery ‘K’ (5 mornings)
Reception / Year 1
Year 2
Years 3-6
Optional Subjects and Extras
A scale of charges for musical optional subjects, speech and drama, ballet,
dancing and jazz is available upon request.
Peripatetic staff teaching optional subjects will continue to invoice parents
direct and will charge for accompaniment. Please ensure that a separate
cheque is made payable to the teacher concerned and payment made by the
first day of next term.
The School continues to offer the Robert Anderson and Del Anderson Open
Scholarships endowed in memory of our Grandparents.
Notice and Fee Concessions
Parents are reminded that, in accordance with IAPS schools’ standard
practice , the School’s Regulations provide that fees are due on or before the
first day of term and that a full term’s notice in writing, to run from no later than
the first day of term, must be given for the withdrawal of a child or the
discontinuance of any optional subject, failing which fees will be charged in
lieu of the required notice .We reserve the right to charge an administration
fee of £50 to all accounts remaining unpaid after the end of the first full week
of term.
We recognise that the economic climate is not an easy one. If exceptional
circumstances exist which prevent payment of fees being made by the due
date, parents must contact the Financial Officer prior to the first day of term.
As always, we will be pleased to hear from any parent who wishes to consult
the Governors about genuine problems, which arise in connection with their
payment of fees.
We take this opportunity to send our warmest wishes for a happy and restful
Easter holiday to all High March families
Belinda Avery
Michael Chapples
For and on behalf of the Governing Board of High March School