Learn To Swim Program

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Learn To Swim Program
Swimming is a recreation and fitness activity which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. The Mecklenburg County Park and
Department (Aquatic Division) believes in offering quality programs, ranging from infant to the young at heart, at an affordable price. We operate two indoor pools as
well as four outdoor pools. Programs include lap swimming, recreational swims, swimming lessons and specialized aquatic programs.
Our Learn To Swim Program, which is based on American Red Cross standards, includes infant, preschool, youth, and adult lessons. The goal of our instructors (all swimming instructors are certified by a national organization to teach their specialty) is to provide quality instruction to all students.
Our first consideration is to provide for the safety of all students at all times. We feel the first experience your child has in the water is the most important
one, therefore, we strive to provide a positive, happy experience for all participants. Please remember not all children learn at the same pace. Your child will pass on to
the next level when they have completed the necessary skill requirements. This may take one session or several sessions.
Policies and Procedures
Parents are allowed to observe their child’s class from the pool deck. We do ask that they refrain from distracting the child. If the parent is distracting the child from the class the
instructor may ask the parent to step out of the immediate pool area. This is necessary for the classes to run smoothly and safely. It takes the instructor several classes to obtain
the trust and respect of the students. This is a good time for children to gain independence and experience a class situation.
Please Note that:
1. You are registered for a swim class only. Please do not get in the pool before class or stay in the pool after the completion of class.
2. If your child is ill, severely sunburned, has an eye infection or open wounds, they will not be allowed in the water.
5. In the case of inclement weather, please call 704-336-3483 (MCAC) or 704-527-3175 (MDCP).
6. Children not toilet trained must wear water diapers.
7. Children registered in an incorrect class will be asked to withdraw and receive a 50 percent credit towards the next session. If you are unsure of
where to register your child, a swim test can be arranged. Inquire at the Reception Desk.
8. Payments are made to MCAC. You can now register ONLINE at www.parkandrec.com/aquatics.
9. Refunds will be made for medical reasons only. A physician’s note is required.
10. A full refund will be issued in the event of insufficient class enrollment or if the class is cancelled by Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation.
11. A program credit may be issued if unable to complete class due to illness if a Doctor’s note is presented. Credit begins from presentation of doctors
note to staff.
12. Class fees will be discounted by $5 for individuals who register during early registration periods.
13. Whales Tales will be offered to both Sanddollar/Starfish classes and Otter/Walrus classes if inclement weather cancels class. This will count as a
scheduled class.
14. Must have a family membership to receive passholder discount. Individual passholders will only receive discounts for themselves.
Before Class Please see that:
1. Everyone must shower before entering the water.
2. Children are dressed in appropriate swim wear.
3. Children have gone to the restroom prior to class. Once class begins, parents will be responsible for taking their children to the restroom, however
remember this limits water time.
4. Children are on time. Being late not only holds up the rest of the class, it also limits important swim time for your child.
5. Gum must be thrown out prior to the start of the class.
Follow these helpful steps to keep our pool safe:
1. Please don’t swim when you have diarrhea, especially kids in diapers
2. Please don’t swallow the pool water
3. Please wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet or changing diapers
4. Please take your kids on bathroom—not poolside
5. Please take your kids on bathroom breaks often
6. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before swimming