 ORIENTATION – that’s a big word – 5 syllables; (to establish a
location or course, to initiate in fundamentals, to face a certain
 but, what does it mean as applied to new members in the Loyal Order
Of Moose? Every man in this room and in this Fraternity has
conducted an orientation at one time or another when talking to a
prospective member.
 I know you told him about your Lodge, how nice it is, the fellowship,
music on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Bull roasts, crab feasts and
parties in general. Reasonable prices for food and drinks and maybe
other lodges in your area – and this is all good.
 But – did you tell your prospective member about Mooseheart,
 and Community Service. I hope so, but all too often this is not the
case. So, the orientation I am going to talk about today is initiating
our new members into the fundamentals of the Loyal Order Of
Moose. Who we are, what we are and what we do.
You sponsor a new member.
Your prospective member has filled out his application and submitted it to
the lodge.
The Application Review Committee approves the application.
At the next membership meeting the applications is voted on and
 Your new member receives his “New Member Packet” with its
welcome letter, informative CD about the Loyal Order Of Moose,
Moose member benefits brochure, an application for a new member
and his membership card. Hopefully he has read the letter and
watched the CD.
You can now begin to look for a new prospective member because
everything is now complete.
OR IS IT ?????
 Let’s get back to that big word “ORIENTATION”. A proper Loyal
Order of Moose orientation held by your Family Center is to
introduce your new members to what this fraternity is all about. In
other words, what we do as a fraternity. We are a fraternity of over
1.2 million men and women in the United States, Canada, Great
Britain and Bermuda. Surely there must be a reason for our
 Holding Orientation meetings is how we reinforce the information
the new member received in his packet.
 Holding an orientation meeting is a key element in getting our new
members to participate now and to retain their membership in the
future.. Knowledge of this fraternity’s history and what we do for
children, seniors and our communities is a very powerful tool. So
use it.
Because our new members receive the “New Member Packet”, it is
not necessary to spend a lot of time or go into detail. A short review
of Mooseheart and Moosehaven is sufficient. What you want to do
now is instill that sense of pride that we all have in belonging to the
Loyal Order Of Moose.
 Now is the time to promote your Family Center’s benefits. Tell them
about your activities, especially the family activities. Mention
sports; such as pool, darts, horseshoes, softball, etc.
 What activities your lodge is involved with in your communities, i.e.
parades, hospital and nursing home visits. Participating with soup
kitchens, partnering with veterans organizations, the Salvation Army,
Special Olympics and Safe Surfin. Volunteering in the lodge itself.
There are so many opportunities to get involved in as much or as
little as you care to participate. Note: This meeting is not the time to
be pushing for officers or chairmen. This is a
social event.
 Next let’s talk about preparation, participation and atmosphere when
conducting an orientation.
Be prepared. Write a script of the topics you want to cover. You do
not have to
memorize everything you want to say. After doing
it for a while it will become
automatic. You will find that after
becoming more relaxed it becomes easier and you will begin to fine
tune your presentation. It actually becomes fun and you begin to
look forward to talking to the new members. These people will
remember you and you will indeed make many, many new friends.
The appearance of your Family Center is extremely important.
It should be clean, neat and bright.
I would guess you would be using your Lodge Room. If you have
pictures of Past Governors, Past Sr. Regents, dignitaries (James J.
Davis), Mooseheart, Moosehaven, etc. Make sure you are familiar
with them in case someone asks, especially the 9’o’clock ceremony
picture or light.
The person conducting the orientation should be a good speaker and have
a knowledge of all aspects of the Fraternity. It is amazing the questions
that can be asked.
 Officers – It is always good to have the officers of the lodge (as
many as possible) present so they can be introduced. Having name
tags is also advised.
The dress code is different wherever you go, but remember, you and
the officers present are representing your lodge and this fraternity.
The new members are looking at you and the officers as a symbol of
authority and leadership. Nothing says that you and the officers must
have to wear a coat and tie. If you want to, this is fine. Personally, I
prefer business casual. Dress slacks and a collared shirt. Moose logo
polo/golf shirts are fine, but NO JEANS AND TEE SHIRTS.
This should be a very relaxed and casual presentation. How you set up the
room, is your decision. Some prefer theater style with a head table or
podium. Some (depending on how many will be present) prefer sitting
around a table family style. You can have a snack table with pretzels,
chips and soda. (NO ALCOHOL)
Your new member may ask if he can bring his wife or significant other –
I have found out that the women ask more questions than
the men. (Note: if women are going to be present, you may want to invite
the Senior Regent or other Chapter officer to be present to answer any
questions they may have about the Women Of The Moose and Chapter.)
 Keep it Relaxed and FUN!
Stay away from terms such as Moose Legion, Fellow, Pilgrim, 25
Club, Gimmie 5, etc. Always keep in mind that this should be a
relaxed and informal get together to better inform your new members
about the Moose Fraternity.
In closing, let me say to those who will be conducting these orientation
meetings; relax, enjoy and be proud of this the finest family fraternity in
the world. Also, you will be amazed at what you learn from your new
 If only one thing is remembered when your new member
departs, make it a quest for knowledge.
 In closing let me say that since I became a member of the Loyal
Order Of Moose I found another benefit that is priceless. “When I
joined the Loyal Order Of Moose, I had no idea that I would meet so
many good people and make so many friends”; not only here but
throughout the Fraternity.
Thank you - Brother President, this concludes my report.