Crisis Management Plan

Crisis Management Plan
In the event of a crisis/emergency situation (i.e. death, severe injury, etc…) follow the
additional steps as a guideline.
Who is in Charge During an Emergency?
The fraternity president is in command of every emergency situation involving serious
injury or death. In the president’s absences make sure there is an established chain of
command and the preceding officer is aware that he is required to take over the
president’s duties in his absence.
If a Tragedy Occurs
If a tragedy has occurred at your particular fraternity house close the house at once. Any
non-associated members of the fraternity should leave the house immediately. Permit
only your members and appropriate officials to enter.
Emergency Contact Information
If a crisis occurs you need to make several phone calls immediately.
1st: Public Safety and the local emergency number (911)
Public Safety:
If the emergency is fire related notify the Orono Fire Department, if they Orono F.D.
have not been notified already.
Do not hesitate to call Public Safety regardless of the situation.
2nd: Call the Assistant Director of Campus Activities
Lester Coghill
This person will discuss the situation with you and in all serious cases will be at the
house or chapter meeting place within a matter of minutes. Always call, day or night, if
you are in doubt as to whether a situation is serious or not.
3rd: Call your chapter advisor
Call your national fraternity’s administrative office
4th: Contact your liability insurance carrier
Informing members and necessary personnel: Assemble your members in a group
together, in one place, to discuss the situation. Use your discretion whether to include out
of house members that were not presented during the situation in this meeting. Explain to
the members present at this meeting that there is an emergency situation and the house is
closed for the time being. Ask everyone to halt outgoing phone calls until the situation is
under control.
Have a prepared phone statement available: Prepare a statement to address the
situation in the proper manner when the time is right.