Moose Jaw Murals!!!!!!!!! - Campbell5-6

By: Thaegwan ThunderSky & Jenna Lyle
It’s been up for about 30 years!
What We Think:
We think it’s there so you can remember the events that happened in the
80s! But....
This had been taken down sadly! 
It was dedicated to the history of the railroad's to the growth of Moose Jaw.
By Dan Sawatzky, Chemainus, BC, 1990
It is at 1236
3rd Avenue
N.W. It is by
Ernie Bereti!
It’s been up for about 10 years!!
What We Think:
We think it’s up so you can know the story of The Sisters of Sion! But....
A Celebrating the centennial of the founding order, the mural is an openbook format.
By: Ernie Bereti – No picture found!!!
It’s been up for about 10 years!
What We Think:
We think it’s been up so you can enjoy winter and not complain! But....
This mural shows winter carnival events which were popular during the long
prairie winters.
By: Grant McLaughlin
Incorporation of the City of Moose
Jaw November, 1903
Building mural has
been demolished.
What We Think:
We think it was painted because It’s shows what life is everyday and it’s
Saying enjoy life like it’s the last day on Earth!
Showing the festivities that happened in the city when the incorporation
papers were signed in the Brunswick Hotel
By: Grant McLaughlin!
West Wall
of 240 High
St. W.
What We Think:
We think that the mural was put up so you can see all about the Chinese!
The Chinese community has contribute a great deal to the development of
the city of Moose Jaw and has integrated into the community in a seamless
By: Tony Segale
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