petal high school varsity and junior varsity

The following contains information and rules that must be read by you and your parent/s. This
information will govern your duties as Petal High School cheerleader/mascot/mascot helper.
Cheerleader/mascot/mascot helper purpose: The purpose is to serve as the school’s goodwill
ambassadors by supporting athletic events, garnering school spirit, instilling self-discipline, and
fostering school pride.
Cheerleader/mascot/mascot helper rules: The following rules are to be followed by the squad
members (cheerleaders, mascot, and mascot helper). Failure to comply will result in disciplinary
action and/or dismissal as decided on by the sponsor and administration.
1. Jobs and other extracurricular activities cannot interfere with your responsibilities. You
will be given a calendar of events as soon as possible. However, you must understand
that changes and additions may be made on short notice.
2. The squad will attend summer camp. This is a required event.
3. The squad will participate in Panther Pride. This is a required event. No absences will be
excused the week before (unless emergency).
4. Prior to summer camp, required practices will be announced.
5. The squad will attend all practices and other scheduled activities unless excused in
advance by the sponsor.
6. The squad is to ride to out-of-town games or events with the squad and sponsors and
must return with squad unless released at the event to a parent. Letters from parents will
not be allowed to take the place of a parent unable to attend the actual event. This is a
school board rule, not just a cheerleader rule.
7. The squad will act in a proper manner at all times while representing PHS. This includes
misbehavior of any kind.
8. The squad has a large financial requirement. The following is a very general list of
expenses for which the squad will be responsible. There may be others, so use this as a
basic (minimum) plan:
camp fee: $500
camp clothes: $150
shoes: $75
cheerleader uniform: $250-400
9. For the safety of those involved, any member of the squad who becomes pregnant must
resign her position.
10. Any member of the squad missing practice due to detention will receive demerits for
missing practice or being late.
11. No demerits will be worked off. You earn them, you keep them.
The squad will work with a demerit system with the following demerits:
2 demerits-
Tardy to any event or activity, leaving practice/event early
2 demerits-
Failure to meet deadlines for forms, projects, activities, and/or paying
financial responsibilities
2 demerits-
Not standing at attention during National Anthem or talking during
National Anthem
2 demerits-
Use of cell phone during practice, during games, during UCA camp
2 demerits-
Being picked up late from practice
2 demerits-
Returning late to position on football field after half-time break
3 demerits-
Failure to help decorate or clean-up at events and fundraisers
3 demerits-
Clowning around, not listening, talking, arguing with each other, not
following instructions, or displaying a poor attitude
3 demerits-
Failure to adhere to the dress code of cheerleading as set by the sponsor.
No jewelry, nail polish, glitter make-up or cream. Hair is to be worn up
unless it is too short.
3 demerits-
Does not dress up on Fridays to show school spirit or during homecoming
3 demerits-
Unable to secure a substitute to take your place during a basketball game
4 demerits-
Missing practice or scheduled events that are unexcused. Jobs do not
excuse you. Activities outside of school do not excuse you.
5 demerits-
Receiving ISS
6 demerits-
Disobedience or disrespect toward sponsors or any school personnel
6 demerits-
Failure to attend a game
10 demerits-
Receiving OSS
10 demerits-
For any behavior that is unbecoming, offensive, and/or inappropriate that
would bring insult and condemnation to the school, community, and the
squad and does not represent a positive role model, leader, or
representative of the Petal School District
15 demerits-
16 demerits-
Found guilty of an illegal activity
20 demerits-
Use of illegal drugs
Using the demerit system, the following action will be taken.
10 demerits-
Suspension for two weeks or 2 events. This is determined by the sponsor.
11-14 demerits-
Each time a squad member receives a demerit after 10, the member will be
suspended from activities for three weeks
15 demerits-
Squad member will not be allowed to tryout the following year
16 demerits-
Immediate dismissal and cannot tryout the following year
Suspension is defined as not participating as a cheerleader/mascot. The date of the
suspension will be set by the sponsor at a time that is appropriate.
Suspension will be assigned by the sponsor due to the fact that the infraction may occur when
there isn’t an activity taking place.
This set of rules is not inclusive. At the discretion of the sponsor, other behaviors deemed
inappropriate will receive disciplinary action based on the student
handbook and squad guidelines.
Please be aware that the Petal High School handbook is the ultimate authority of all students
at PHS; therefore, the handbook rules override any and all other activity
My child and I have read and understand all the rules, demerits, and expectations of a Petal
High School Cheerleader/Mascot/Mascot Assistant. In addition to having read the rules, we
agree to follow and support the rules.
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