New Textbook Inventory Program


New Textbook Inventory Program (Google Doc Form)

We have designed a Google doc form for all schools to use for textbook inventory. In order to use this form you have to setup a

Google account using your NHCS email address. We have been working with schools to pilot the new form. Beginning July 1, 2011 all school will be required to use this form for their textbook inventory. This form should be sent out three times per year by the textbook coordinator based on inventory periods listed below.

Textbook Inventory Periods

August/September- Beginning year

December/January- Mid year

April/May- End of Year

If you need access to the form for your school please contact

. Purchasing will be able to view your textbook inventory at all times.

To view a sample of the form (elementary) uses the link below:


Do not send this link to your teachers.

If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Lee @ 910-254-

4419 or email