Lesson 1: Square Numbers and Area Models

Lesson 1.1
 A square number can be modeled by a square with a
whole number side length
To square a number, just multiply it by itself ...
Example: What is 3 squared?
3 Squared = 3 × 3 = 9
(or 3 )
Square Roots – watch this video to get an introduction
on what square numbers are and why they are called
Square Roots.
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 Work through Lesson 1: Square Numbers and Area
Models (in assignment booklet)
 In class we will go over how this will look on a video
and how you will be expected to complete your notes
so you are ready to practice concepts in class
 There will also be a video segment on how to do the
Example Problems in the textbook should you need
help working through these (will be done in class so
you know what to expect)
HINT: Make sure to write down these examples in your
 Once you feel you have understood the concepts in the
video and notes, and feel you understand the
examples, you are ready to move on to practicing
 Textbook: pg. 8-10 #1-5, 8-12
 When you have done the practice questions and have
checked to see if you are obtaining the correct answers
(back of the textbook), test your understanding by
requesting the quiz question
 The quiz question will be provided to you in class and
must be done by yourself.
 This will be marked and feedback will be provided to
you as soon as possible (within 2 classes)