Section 5: 81-110

Section 5: 81-110
A new kid, Billy Deel, and his dad move into town. Billy is a juvenile delinquent and he
tells people that Jeannette is his girlfriend; she denies it but is fascinated by it. Jeannette
becomes annoyed with Billy’s creepy actions but he doesn’t leave her alone, he then attempts
to rape her. He comes back to their house with a BB gun and said she’ll regret not being his
girlfriend, Lori fires her father’s gun and Billy doesn’t come back. The police hear the gun shot
and Rex decides it is time to move once again. Their Grandma passes away, leaving them with a
house in Phoenix. Rex surprises the kids with new bicycles because work is doing well. The
house is starting to fall apart due to termite-infestation. Their new neighborhood is full of
perverts who sometimes sneak into their home and sleep there, Jeannette woke up to one of
them violating her while she was sleeping.