The Glass Castle Pages 129-154


The Glass Castle

Pages 129-154

1. How long did it take Jeannette and her family to travel across the country to

West Virginia? Why?

2. Describe Rex’s parents and brother when the family arrived at their doorstep.

3. What did Erma fix for dinner?

4. Describe the town of Welch, including the main occupation? How did Rose

Mary look at this town in a positive way?

5. Explain Jeannette’s experiences at Welch Elementary.

*day one –

*teachers –

*lunch –

*other students –

*her own pride –

6. How did Jeannette and Dinitia Hewitt become friends?

7. What was Erma’s attitude towards Jeannette’s friend?

How did Jeannette react to this?

What was her punishment for a result of this reaction?

How did Rose Mary react to Jeannette’s punishment?

8. When Rex and Rose Mary return to Phoenix to get the family’s belongings, what do the children wonder?

9. What does Jeannette find Erma doing to Brian?

What happens as a result of this?

What do the children realize about this incident when their parents return from Phoenix?

10. Describe the house the family purchases in Welch.

11. What will Jeannette always consider “home”?