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Verb Tenses – Assignment 4
On you paper, identify the tense of each underlined verb in the following sentences.
1. Classes will end next month.
2. We studied hard yesterday.
3. Final exams will start soon.
4. I review every evening.
5. This method worked at midterm.
6. I got A’s on my tests then.
7. Marty studies with me.
8. We will study every evening this week.
9. I hardly studied last year.
10. My grades showed it, too.
Write the verb or verb phrase from each sentence on you paper. Then write the tense of the verb:
present, past, or future.
1. My neighbor works four days a week.
2. Sometimes I care for Karen and Billy, her two children.
3. They play in the front of my house.
4. One day Karen threw the ball very hard to Billy.
5. The ball sailed over Billy’s head and into the street.
6. Billy ran toward the street.
7. I shouted to Billy.
8. Usually Billy listens to me.
9. I got the ball from the street.
10. Billy’s mom called for him to come home.
11. He went as fast as possible.
12. Next time, they will play only in the backyard.