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Jeannette Piecznski
3413 Windcrest Court
Pearland, Texas 77581
Jeannette Piecznski has been involved in genealogy for 20 years. She was instrumental in the
onset of the Texas GenWeb. Jeannette provided research for "Magnolia City”, Harper’s Bazaar
#1. Blending research skills, technology and creativity, she provided costumes and historical
consultant for the actresses in the movie, "Union Bound".
Lecture Title: iGenealogy: The Good and Bad of Online Genealogy
Lecture Description:
Explore techniques to research your family history online. Tips to recognize areas of concern
and information that is available to help.
Audience Level: Beginning
Audio-visual Requirements: Standard electricity, table, podium, microphone.
Lecture Summary:
Navigating the world of genealogy on the Internet can at first seem like a wonderful way to work on one's
family history, but unfortunately we learn all too soon that it is also a sea of inaccurate information.
Learning how to navigate in this vast ocean of information can seem like a daunting task. Learn how to
use the sails of information to navigate the Internet to make the most of this wonderful resource.
The objectives that will be explored include:
Recognize good resources from questionable ones
Understanding sources and their complications
Reasonable Goals to Prevent Knots
Sorting through the vast seas of information
Knowing when to stay on the current path and when to explore others
Adding information found to your family tree
OCR will be explained and what this means when searching books and newspapers online. Learn ways
to locate stories, pictures and Bibles. The importance of checking sources and the concern of the lack of
sources. Understanding sources and their complications regarding incorrect information and missing
records. Basic varieties to increase or decrease search functions to locate the information in need.
Reasonable goals will be explored. Knowing when to stay on the current path and when to explore
others. Learning to utilize other sources of volunteers, archives, libraries, genealogical & historical
societies, college libraries, museums, courthouses, general land office and maps. Taking the extra step
when adding information to your family tree. This presentation will walk through research of a sample
family history.