Digital Poem

Digital Poem
By: Sean McCallum
The Man With the Crown
Billy was a boy who lived in a terrible town
Everyday, he would worry about the man with the crown
Big and tall, the man was
And he gave everyone orders, just because
One day, he worked the town until everyone was tired
And even a few so tired they were fired
The man said “All who disobey, will feel my power,
And they’ll end up not living through the hour.
Remember what happened to Roger?
That man can walk no longer!”
Billy was so fed up and stressed
He tried to figure out how to change this mess
He thought and thought until he couldn’t think
And then he spotted something over by his sink
It was a little key, that led to a room
He remembered it was to only be used in times of gloom
He grabbed his key, and entered the palace like land behind the door
And thought to himself “We will suffer no more.”
The next day he went to all the doors and rang
Today my friends, we will have change
By night time the whole village knew
Even Bobby, Jerry and Drew
When the man went to sleep, they all went to Billy
And one by one, entered the palace so they could finally be silly
In the palace, they partied all night
They could do whatever, without fright
The next morning, the man woke up
His same old self, mean and stuck up
He looked out his window, the village was dormant
The man was upset, there was no one to torment
But just then, he heard a little sound, from Billy’s house
It was quieter than a squeak from a mouse
He went down the road with his army and men
Got to Billy’s house, and wondered, “Where are all the gentleman?”
He entered the house, heard all the laughter and shouting
He was upset and started pouting
And he thought to himself, “Why is everyone having fun and leaving me alone
Why can’t I just be one of their own?”