Biography Bottles Due: January 29th Each student will need the

Biography Bottles
Due: January 29th
Each student will need the following supplies to create their biography bottles:
 One 2 liter bottle (sand or dirt to weight it
down) for the body
 One 3” Styrofoam ball for the head
 Various arts and crafts materials to dress and
decorate your biography bottle to represent
your famous person
 Yarn or “hair” like material
Fill your 2-liter bottle with a cup of sand/gravel/dirt – something to weight the
bottle. You will place the Styrofoam ball on the top of the bottle. Then you will
decorate your bottle to represent your famous person.
Next you will take the index card, that will be provided, and include a brief
paragraph that describes the person’s achievements, (why they are famous, or
known in history) and why you chose to read about this person.
 You should have read about your selected person
from at least 2 resources.
 Please make sure this project is not put off till the
last minute. 
Index Card Example:
Title: Where Do You Think You’re Going Christopher Columbus?
Author: Jean Fritz
Illustrator: Margot Tonqes
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
Christopher Columbus was a great navigator and explorer. He sailed across
the Atlantic Ocean in search of a sea route to Asia. But instead he found the West
Indies, as well as Central and South America.
I chose to read about Columbus because he was a courageous explorer.
By: Dana Young
Biography Bottle Examples:
Colonel Custer