Civil War Biography Bottle Project

Civil War Biography Bottle Project
Due April 18, 2013
Step 1:
Choose a Civil War person from the list provided. Research
and find out what this person contributed to the time period of the Civil War.
See if you can find a biography to read, use the encyclopedia, the Internet,
and your social studies books to collect information on this person. Some
time will be spent for research in school, but most of your research will be
completed at home.
Step 2:
Make a biography bottle to go with your Civil War person.
You will need an empty two-liter bottle, some sand or gravel to anchor the
bottle, and a Styrofoam ball for the head. The Styrofoam ball can be
purchased at craft stores such as Michael’s or Ben Franklin, and sometimes
Wal-mart. Decorate the bottle to represent the person using yarn, felt, paper,
or any other materials you choose. Be sure to add details that will make the
bottle more accurate. For example, if your person was a Union general he
would have a blue uniform.
Step 3:
Write a paper based on the information you learn about the
person. You will write about their childhood, adult life, and
accomplishments. Use the research outline to guide you. Use the
spreadsheet when taking notes. It is okay if you don’t find information for
each subtopic on the outline. Be sure to focus on the accomplishments of
your person during the Civil War time period.
The paper should be
 1-2 pages in length
 written neatly by hand or typed
 written in your own words
 organized into at least three good paragraphs with topic sentences
 spelled correctly
Step 4:
All students will present his or her biography bottle and paper
to the class. Your classmates will be choosing the projects they think are the
best so that they can be displayed in the school. You want to make a good
Remember the due date for your bottle and paper is Wednesday, April
18th! Your grade will be lowered one letter grade each day it is late.
The outline below shows you what information you should be looking for as you research
your person.
A. When and where was he/she born?
B. Describe his/her family (parents, siblings, etc.)
C. Describe his/her education (if any)
D. Describe any hardships or difficulties he/she had
E. Interesting Facts about his/her childhood
Adult Life
A. Describe education he/she had in adult life (college, military school, etc.)
B. Where he/she lived as an adult
C. Describe his/her family life (wife, husband, children)
D. Describe any jobs or his/her occupation (career)
E. Describe any hardships he/she had as an adult
F. When, where, and how did the person die
G. Interesting Facts about his/her adult life
A. Reasons he/she is famous
B. Describe awards or special recognitions he/she received (if any)
C. Identify nicknames he/she had (Ex. “Father of the Country”)
D. What did this person accomplish during the Civil War era
*You will also need to write down where you get your information. Please complete
the Resource page as you take your notes.