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Laughing Horse Ranch
Western Riding Summer Camp Year 6
Sponsorship Campaign
What is a Summer Camp?
Monday comes with a big surprise for the kids. On the way to the ranch, we will stop at Lammles
to kit out all the new riders! After everyone has their new jeans and boots, we will take them out to
the Laughing Horse Ranch. Once there, they will begin to learn how to catch, brush, and tack up
their new horses. Right after lunch, provided by Compass Rose, we will be on our horses and
learning the basics of riding. We will be playing games on horseback until 3:00 pm, and all too
soon it is time to untack our horses and put them back in their pastures to wait until tomorrow.
Tuesday and Wednesday are two of our favorite days. We all know each other now, and we sail
through the knot tying, grooming and saddling up. Games like barrel racing and “fence” and
musical cups help us to get comfortable on our horses while we learn the basics of equitation.
Thursday is often Trail Riding Day. Our new Laughing Horse Ranch is set in such a beautiful
location that our senses are on over load. Deep coulees and big hills and lots of trees and little
creeks are the setting for our new park-like ranch.
Friday is Show and Tell Day. We invite the family and friends to come to see all of our new
accomplishments on horseback.
You will receive a thank you letter and a photo of all of the sponsored children wearing huge smiles
and their new cowboy duds.
Thank you very much,
Anne Thompson
Call (403) 931-3119 or email, or go to
Yes, I would like to take the opportunity to sponsor an amount of $550.00 to sponsor one child or
$1100.00 to sponsor two children for the Laughing Horse Ranch Summer Camps, July 22-26 or
August 12-16, 2013.
Cheques are to be made out to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary.
Please send your cheque to:
Anne Thompson
Box 1 Site 30, R.R.#8 Calgary, Ab. T2J2T9
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