Iowa Ranch Horse Association Clinic Marshalltown IA

Iowa Ranch Horse Association Clinic
June 7th, 2014 – Central Iowa Fairgrounds, Marshalltown, IA
9am - noon & 1pm - 4 pm
Come and join us for a day of learning and fun for you and your horse!
The day will contain information, demonstrations and practice time on all of our 10 classes.
- Ranch riding
- Ranch trail
- Ranch horse pleasure
- Conformation
We will also set up a flag to work on tracking cows. Then we’ll have some cows to work on.
- Ranch cutting
- Cutting
- Boxing for the youth and novice rider
- Working cow for amateur rider
- Break away roping
- Ranch roping
Participants will all have practice time to ride throughout the classes as well as having a chance to get your horses used to
cattle work.
Fee for the day is $50.00 if preregistered by May 27, 2014 or $70.00 day of clinic
Must be a member. Annual dues are: $25.00 Family, $15.00 single, or $10.00 youth.
This can be paid when registering by including our membership form and fees with registration.
We will be having our show June 8th at Marshalltown. Stalls and camping are available.
Come join us for 2 great days of fun!
Check out our website for updates and information.
Detach and mail form to: Carol Kaisand, 2126 N 59th Ave W Newton, IA 50208
Iowa Ranch Horse Association – Marshalltown, IA Clinic – June 7, 2014
Fees enclosed: ___ riders @ $50 each Membership: ___Enclosed form or ___Prepaid
The participant/guardian hereby acknowledges that he has understanding of all risks inherent in equine activities that may cause, contribute
to or result in the death or personal injury of the participant or damage to the participant's property (the"Risks").
These Risks include, but are not limited to:
(i) the propensity of an equine to behave in dangerous ways or to trip and/or fall;
(ii) the inability of anyone whomsoever to predict or foresee an equine's reaction to excitement, weather conditions, sound, movements,
objects, vehicles, persons, animals including cattle, reptiles, birds or insects, and the effects of such reactions;
(iii) the dangers and risks of tack slipping or breaking for whatever reason; or
(iv) the dangers of being struck by an equine, bovine or by rider.
The participant/guardian hereby releases and waives all rights which he may have or hereafter have against the sponsor and each owner for
death, personal injury or property damage which is in any way associated with the Risks.
Name-Print _______________________________________________________
Signature for above Waiver ____________________________________________
City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________
Phone number (you will be called if we need to cancel): ______________________