JOB DESCRIPTION Front Desk Trainer Department: Desk Services

Front Desk Trainer
Department: Desk Services, Student Development and Residence Life, Housing
and Residences
Grade: Part-time
Remuneration: $12.50/hour
Front Desk Trainers are accountable to the Co-ordinator of Desk Services.
The incumbent is responsible for providing leadership to the Front Desk
Assistants and assisting with ensuring consistency in the training process for all
Front Desk Assistants.
The University of Waterloo residence system accommodates over 5,100
students. The primary aim of management is to provide a safe and enjoyable
living environment which is conducive to academic study and positive social
Desk Services focuses on providing outstanding customer service to residents,
visitors, staff and faculty in five residence communities. Additionally, we strive
to provide valuable work experiences for students focusing on skill building,
personal growth and professional development.
It is essential that the incumbent possesses good judgement and decision
making skills in order to effectively liaise with customers, Front Desk
Assistants, Team Leaders, and the Management team.
Provide excellent support, guidance and mentorship to the FDAs at assigned
Assist the FDA team, overseeing them to ensure all processes run smoothly.
Be available to assist the FDA team with any and all customer concerns or
questions should the opportunity arise.
Mentor and encourage the FDA team to strive to provide superior customer
Engage FDAs to be a part of the team through encouraging their attendance at
socials, and involvement with special projects (newsletter, end of term video,
Responsible for training FDAs on all Desks procedures to ensure consistency
across all desks.
Collaborate with all Trainers to revise and update training modules in time for
the FDA training period.
Lead Desk Tours of assigned area to all FDAs during Fall orientation.
Plan and partake in a team-building exercise for desk cluster area during
Fall/Winter orientation.
Ensure desk area is prepared for training and for the start of the term (update
voicemail messages, track inventory/supplies and notify management team of
needed items, ensure cleanliness, remove out-of-date posters, etc.).
Communicate with the Co-ordinator of Desk Services to affirm when each FDA
has been fully trained and ready to work without the assistance of a trainer.
Assist in the development of a Trainer Manual to be used as a reference for
future Desk Trainers.
Communicate with the FDA team, provide feedback, and be a liaison between
the FDAs and the Management team.
Complete other special projects as assigned by the Desk Services
Management Team.
Be knowledgeable of the services, policies, processes and procedures at each
of the residence front desks and of Housing and Residences.
Provide excellent, professional and consistent customer service.
Keep equipment and desk clean, sanitized and organized.
Promote community and diversity through all interactions with students, staff,
faculty, parents and visitors.
Maintain an air of professionalism when working and respect the
FDA/Customer boundaries as set out in training.
Participate and assist with facilitation of FDA orientation.
Participate in a feedback meeting with all trainers and the management team to
assess the goals of the Trainer position and provide suggestions for future
In the event of an emergency, refer to Emergency Procedures for appropriate
Complete any office tasks as required.
Forecasting and keeping an up-to-date record of hours worked.
Registered full-time University of Waterloo student in good academic standing.
Completion of at least two terms as a Front Desk Assistant is an asset.
Trained in three out of five desks, or willingness to be trained before contract
start date.
Knowledgeable of the policies, procedures and processes in place for Front
Desk Assistants.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Proven leadership and demonstrated initiative at the desk.
Proven role-model to Front Desk Assistants and in other areas on campus.
Ability to exercise independent judgement, work as part of a team, take
initiative and be creative.
Possess strong time management, organizational, problem solving and multitasking skills.
Commences at the beginning of the mandatory training program for the term
for which he/she has been hired (August 22nd, 2013) and concludes at the end
of the term (April 30th, 2014).
The Desk Services Management Team reserves the right to alter aspects of this
job position that include but are not limited to accountabilities, requirements, and
contract period.
Questions/Concerns please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Lam Administrative
Coordinator, Desk Services at 519-888-4567 ext. 31890.