Oral Presentation or Written Report


Oral Presentation or Written Report

Your final lab is a capstone experience in your chemistry studies at

PGCC. You will write a paper or give an oral report on a compound of interest to you. The title should be

“The Name of Your Compound, An

Organic Compound of Interest to Me” by Your Name.

Your oral or written report replaces one lab. The objective is to give you experience in finding information from the chemical literature or the

Internet, organizing the information in a logical and informative manner, and presenting the information either orally or in written form so that others might learn what you learned. This project will be your own work, so no two students may select the same compound.

Your paper should be interesting and scientifically accurate. Explain such things as how the compound is prepared, its biochemical mode of action, why you have an interest in it, etc. The body of the paper should be a minimum of three typed pages with a separate bibliography of at least five references.. Footnotes are required when specific information is obtained from a reference. No specific format is required for the footnotes or bibliography. However, you should indicate on the bibliography page how the paper is documented. Examples of how to show the documentation are:

1. This paper follows the format of the

Journal of Chemical



2. This paper follows the format outlined in

The American Chemical

Society Style Guide—A Manual for Authors and Editors


This project should take about six hours of work, which approximates the time required to prepare, conduct and write up an experiment.

Compounds will be assigned in the order in which students indicate their preference to the instructor. If your proposed compound has already been selected, you must choose a new one. You are encouraged to select a compound in which you already have some curiosity. If you are interested in a particular disease, you might consider a compound that is used in the treatment of the disease. If you intend to become an M.D. or other medical professional, you are advised to pick a compound of biological importance.

Select your compound before the Mid-term Exam.

Lab 11


Oral reports should be in a PowerPoint format, and will be presented during the last scheduled lab or class period, depending on circumstances.

The last slide should be a bibliography. A copy of the PowerPoint slides will be turned in on a floppy disc. Consider an oral report if you want to gain some experience in front of an audience. Oral reports should be 15-20 minutes in duration. The report is due no later than the date scheduled for this experiment on your syllabus.


5 Points: Selection of Topic by the Mid-term Exam.

5 Points: Indicating Style of Paper.

5 Points: Meets minimum length

5 Points: Meets minimum references.

20 Points: Subjective grade on basis of content, sophistication, grammar, coherency, relation to student, and originality.

Lab 11