Organic Compound Project

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Organic Compound Project
Standard: 1.h Students know most macromolecules in cells and organisms are synthesized from a small collection of
simple precursors.
Objective: Students will present information about the four groups of macromolecules to the class.
This is a group project. You should have 3-5 members in your group.
All work will be done in class. You will be provided with a packet of information on your
compound. You may also look in other books or on the internet for extra information if you so
Your group is to pick from one of the four main groups of organic macromolecules that are
essential for all life.
 Carbohydrates
 Proteins
 Lipids
 Nucleic Acids
You are to research your group of organic compounds and make a poster to present to the class.
You will be teaching the class about your compound.
Your information should include all of the following:
 Title of the Organic compound
 List the elements that make up the compound (Ex. Carbon, Sulfur, etc)
 The basic chemical unit(s) of the compound. This may be a molecular formula or a name
and description of the subunits or ‘building blocks’ that make up the compound.
 Examples of where it is found in nature (Types of organisms, parts of cells, etc)
 Why the compound is important to organisms (What is its function)
 Examples of the compound in nature (drawings, pictures) in color
Your poster should be visually appealing. Each person in your group should have an equal
speaking part during the presentation.
You will also be graded by on your participation during the project. These points will be
determined by my observations as well as confidential evaluations from the other members of
your group.
Poster /20
Presentation /10
Participation /5 (3 points group and 2 points teacher)
Total /35