You have been hired by Elements of the Universe, a comic

Name: ____________________________
DUE DATE: ________
Element Superhero Project
1) (15 pts) COMIC: You have been hired by Elements of the Universe, a
comic book publisher, to create a new superhero whose appearance,
characteristics and powers are based on an element in the periodic table.
Your supervisor wants you to present your new superhero through a onepage comic strip. A minimum of five frames is required.
The cartoon of your superhero (in costume!) must be based on the
physical and chemical characteristics found in your research (ex: color, texture, physical
appearance, etc) and highlight his or her superpowers.
Along with the cartoon you will include:
2)(10 pts) RESEARCH: A table listing the element's:
(a) full name
f) density (g/cm3)
(b) symbol
g) boiling point
(c) atomic number
h) melting point
(d) atomic mass
i) state at room temperature
(e) At least two physical and chemical properties that you will base
the superpowers on.
(j) The history of the discovery of the element (which will be used to explain
how your superhero got his/her powers).
(k) The uses of the element (which will be used to discuss whether your
superhero is good or evil).
3) (15 pts) A short background summary describing your superhero's:
You should
consult a
minimum of
2 sources
to complete
3 (a-d).
a. History: Explain how your hero came into being. Use the history of its discovery or
where it is found (based on research) as inspiration. How did he/she get their
powers? What is your hero’s name? Any special costume?
b. Super Power(s): his/her super power(s) including an explanation of at least two
physical or chemical properties that they are based on. For example, if an element
has a high melting point, you might say that your superhero can move through fire
to "save" others with getting affected by the heat.
c. Influence for Good or Evil: describe your hero's influence for good or evil on
plants, animals or the environment… (based on what the element used for).
d. Strength and Weakness: What is your superheroes weakness (based on another
property)? What other element-heroes can combine with yours to increase their
power (based on at least two other compounds that are formed with your
4) (5 pts) Research Citations:
You need to do some research before you create your superhero. To help you with your
research you may have 1 class visit to the library for research and accessing internet
resources. Be sure that you have good scientific information on which to base your hero.
a. Valid Information: consult a variety of sources –you may use the internet, textbooks or
other reference books as sources of information.
b. Include a Works Cited list: Make a TYPED list to hand in with your project.
EXAMPLE: Website: Web Elements
5) (5 pts) Class Presentation
Interactive Periodic Table Project
In the introduction to this unit, you saw several unusual versions of the periodic table. Your goal for
this project is to create a useful three-dimensional and interactive version of the periodic table which
shows a key property of the elements.
You will work individually to create a three-dimensional periodic table that highlights a key property
of the elements. Choose one of the following properties:
Size: How big the atoms are (atomic radius).
Electronegativity: How electronegative the atoms are.
Ionization Energy: Energy required to remove an electron from an atom.
Mass: How heavy the atoms are (atomic mass).
Valence Electrons: How many valence electrons the atoms of each element have.
Price: How much do they cost per gram?
Abundance: Which are the rarest elements on earth?
Choose your own topic and have it approved.
Homework: Complete the Prelab assignment on the back of this page.
Data and Materials. Find your data for each element online from a reputable source and complete the
periodic table on the following page. Use any necessary material to make a 3-dimensional model of
the periodic property you chose (paper, tape, scissors, provided-bring in something to make it 3-D and
interactive (Styrofoam, legos, wood blocks, cloth or material, etc. – Be creative!).
5 pts: references cited
5 pts: class presentation
25 pts: Model effectiveness and quality/neatness
15 pts: Prelab research write-up
Pre-lab assignment
a. Periodic property: ____________________
b. Sources of information:
c. Fill in the table below with the information you will use in your interactive model. Include units and
a key where appropriate.
d. Use the space below (or attach a separate sheet of paper) to explain how your model works and how
it helps students to understand the pattern and reason for the property you chose.