Super Heroes

Is your hero a male or female?
Do you fight for good or evil?
Are you part of a league?
How can people call for your help, like the bat signal?
Decide your Superhero's name
If you are completely stumped, here is a name generator:
This is another name generator that can help with teams and technology:
What powers does your superhero have?
What is their weakness?
Where did you come from? What real or mythical place do you come from?
How did you become a superhero? Were you born that way?
Something changed you? You were created by something/someone else?
Do you have an alter ego? Are you always a super hero or are you sometimes in disguise? Superman
was also Clark Kent
Do you have a sidekick?
If you do, what is your sidekicks name and abilities?
Who opposes your hero? Whether you fight for good or evil
there is always someone or something that doesn’t want you to
Who is your aRch nemesis? The person or organization that is
constantly trying to foil your plans.
What sorts of cool tools and gadgets do you use, if any?
Do you have any vehicles?
Where is your safe house/ base?
What does it look like?
What are your superheroes colors?
What is there symbol/insignia?
Include this information with your picture. Make an information
sheet on your hero/ villain.
You can create your superhero how ever you would like. You can draw it
yourself even!