Career Research Notes

Career Research Notes
Includes an self evaluation of interests/ Making future career projections
Selecting personal goals
1. Short term goals
2. Long term goals
Career vs. Job
Occupational Clusters (remember COIN)
Steps for career decisions
Three main factors influencing future job opportunities
1. Population (why?)
2. Labor force (why?)
3. Demand for goods and services (why?)
Education vs. Income
Statistically, as your education levels increase, so does…
Bureau of Labor Statistics (see BLS data)
What does it tell you?
Jobs in demand?
Jobs in decline?
Researching Colleges/Trade Schools (20 points)
You have researched different careers and how they may fit your skills and
abilities. As expected, you also have determined that requirements are necessary to enter
that career, namely the requirement of continuing education beyond High School.
With respect to your chosen career path, you are required to inquire about a
College/University or an educational institution that offers a curriculum that would allow
you to complete the necessary coursework to fulfill those requirements.
Compose a one page (minimum) paper researching a college/institution that
would allow fulfillment of those requirements. Include statistical information about this
school (i.e. student population, location, cost of tuition etc,) and address pros and cons of
each (10 pts) Include entrance requirements. This information is available on the
university website (copy and paste the information you referenced from the website you
found it) (5 pts). Furthermore, indicate why you chose this institution, and reasons why
you would be a good student for that institution to accept (remember: schools are
interested in enrolling students likely to graduate) (5 pts) Points will be deducted for
incorrect grammar and punctuation.