Pony League Rules - Evergreen Youth Association

Pony League Rules (13 & 14 Year Olds
Version May , 2015– Please direct any questions or comments to:
Steve Van Loocke, EYA Baseball Commissioner (419) 392-1460
Tim Richard – Swanton Commissioner 419 – 388-9512
Anthony Wayne – Whit Trenka – 419-690-2594
Delta – Sam Tedrick 419 – 388-1282
It is made up of the Delta, Anthony Wayne, Springfield, Swanton, and Evergreen
communities. This league is intended for 13 & 14 Year Olds. All coaches, parents,
spectators and athletes are encouraged to focus on the skills and sportsmanship of the
game and minimize the negative aspects of competition. The attitude and behavior of the
coaches, parents and spectators are most of what the kids will take with them to the next
Safety is of primary concern for everyone associated with organized sports. In addition
to the following specific safety related rules, the safety component of any action should
prevail when discussing and ruling on any activity in question.
Throwing Bats: Throwing bats can pose a serious threat to both players and
coaches and will not be tolerated. A player will be warned after their first offense
and be removed for the remainder of the game after their second offense. The
coaches should ensure that this rule is known by all players prior to each game.
Helmets: All batters and baserunners must wear a helmet. Any player intentionally
removing a helmet while the ball is in play will be called out.
Jewelry: No jewelry is permitted by any player on the field at any time.
Sportsmanship: Heckling, profanity, fighting and any unsportsmanlike behavior
will not be tolerated by Coaches, Players or Spectators at any time. No one is
permitted to stand behind the backstop at any time. One warning may be given and
the second violation will be cause for ejection and possible suspension.
General Playing Rules
Rules: All technical rules and regulations not superseded below follow the
guidelines of OHSAA Baseball.
Age Limits: All players must be no older than fourteen by May 1st of the current
year and may not be a current freshman. Any team playing an ineligible player will
forfeit the game.
Home Team: The Home Team will bat last and is responsible for notifying the
visiting team and commissioner of all cancellations and other events that may occur.
Personnel: There will be only two (2) Coaches on the field and a Manager,
Scorekeeper and one (1) Batboy on the bench for each team.
Time Limit: Games will be Seven (7) Innings. However, if a game is called due to
weather or darkness, it is a regulation game after five (5) complete innings. No
inning will start after 2 Hours have elapsed. Next inning starts @ 3rd out. Games can
end in a tie.
Grace Period: There will be a Ten (10) Minute Grace Period for the 6:00PM
Games only.
Tie Games: All Tie Games will continue until a winner is determined or time runs
out. (New) Games can end in a tie.
Balls: Diamond A or B Balls will be used. The home team is required to provide
one new & one good used ball. Visiting team will supply one new ball.
Cleats: Metal cleats are not allowed in Pony League Baseball. Intentional cleating
will result in immediate ejection and possible suspension.
10. Batting: Each team may play an Extra Player (EP) who will be used as an
additional hitter. The EP can be substituted in and out of the lineup; however the
batting order must remain the same. If an EP is used, it must be used for the entire
game. If a team has less than 9 players, an out will not be called for each missed atbat.
11. Bats: The differential between length and weight should be no more that 8.5. (e.g.
32”/23OZ = 9 is illegal). Bats up to 2 ¾ “ in diameter are allowed.
12. Protests: All protests shall be called immediately after issue arises. Both coaches
and umpires must sign the book noting the protest. The game will continue until
completion and reported. The protesting Coach must contact his respective Baseball
Commissioner within 24 Hours of the event. That commissioner will enlist two nonaffected Commissioners to make a ruling on the protest and report back within 7
Days after which the final standings will be modified if necessary.
13. Playing Time: All players must play at least two innings and bat once in each game.
14. Fielding: There is free substitution for all starting players on the field and players
may leave and re-enter as often as they want.
15. Base Running: A Pinch runner may be used for the catcher if there are two outs.
The runner must be the player who made the last out. If a play is being made on any
base runner, the player is expected to slide if necessary to avoid contact. Any
intentional collision will result in the player being called out and potentially ejected
at the umpire’s discretion.
16. Run Rule: Mercy rule is in effect if a team is up 15 runs or more after five (5)
complete innings or 10 or more runs after six (6) innings of play.
17. Pitching: Pitchers may pitch no more than (4) four innings per game. One pitch
counts as a complete inning. If a starting pitcher leaves the mound, he can re-enter
to pitch as long as he does not leave the lineup. Each pitcher will be allowed only
one warning for Balks.
18. Warm-Ups: Each pitcher is allowed only six (6) warm-up pitches between each
inning and for pitching changes.
19. Umpires: Umpires will be provided and paid by the home team.
20. Field Dimensions: Bases 80’. Pitchers Mound 54’ 6”.
21. Play Night is Mon-Wed-Fri
22. Rain-Outs/Cancellations: Home team coach is responsible for notifying opposing
coach be 5:00pm of any cancellations. Every attempt to make up all games should
be made. All make-ups must be complete by the end of the regular season.
League Structure
League Play: League Standings will be kept and used to determine the league
champions in each league (probably 2). Tie breaker methodology will include
Head-to-Head, Division Champs, League Champs, Tournament Champs and Runs
Tournament: A single-elimination tournament will be held immediately after the
regular season ends, which will include all teams in the league. Seeding will be
based on Win/Loss record during league play.