FSC Tennis Box League

FSC Tennis Box League
The Box League is a year round competition, approximately six rounds per year. It is another avenue
for competition but as one competes in boxes, players will be in groups of similar ability. Entrants
do not have to play every round but ideally we will see an increase of play at the club especially in
the winter months.
Matches are best of 3 sets. The first 2 sets are regular sets with a tie break at 6-6. If the score is one
set all then a match tie break (1st to 10) shall be played. Matches will take about an hour. Players
must do their very best to play all opponents in their box.
At the end of the period results will be taken in and players will be promoted or relegated according
to the points they have.
Points are allocated as follows
Win in 2 sets
4 points
Win in 3 sets
3 points
Loose in 3 sets
2 points
Loose in 2 sets
1 point
As with Squash and Racketball Leagues, members will be able to view leagues on the Website and
enter results online.
Please Sign Up on the sheet at the bar. By Signing Up you are giving permission to have your
email/phone number displayed on the noticeboard.
Sign Up by Wed 2th May
Entry fee for the Box League, Singles and Doubles (you don’t have to do both) is £5 for the year per
person left at the bar. The box league will run all year. We will have Summer, Autumn, Frost Bite and
Spring Series. As a general rule the box will last 7 weeks, one week to turn the results around and
then another 7 week box.
Those wishing to play doubles please sign up with a partner
Once the Box is on the tennis board contact everyone in your section and arrange your matches
Write results in the Result Book behind the bar.
First Round starts Sat 5th May 2012