OHSA Rules apply except for the following exceptions
a. All teams participating in the league shall have one (1) vote on league issues at league
meetings. The coach, assistant coach or community league representative must be present
to vote.
b. The Babe Ruth league is composed of team with players’ up to 18 years old. To play as an 18
year old, you must be in high school at the time of registration. The Pony League is
composed of players up to and including the age of 14. All ages are based on the age of the
players on May 1
c. Team rosters are due before the first season game is played. Changes in the rooster are
allowed until June 1.
d. All rules are based on Ohio High School Athletic Association Rules. Exceptions to these are
listed below.
e. League fees are due to the League Director at by April 29
a. It is suggested that two licensed umpires are used or one licensed umpire can work behind
the plate. Games may be played with only one umpire.
b. In the event one licensed umpire is available it will be permissible for each team to agree
on one umpire from the audience. PLEASE BE CORDIAL AND SYMPATHETIC TO HIS
c. Umpires are to be arranged by the home team and paid by the home team.
d. Please check bats before game to make sure they are legal.
a. Games will be scheduled for each calendar week (Monday through Sunday). These
games will be weekday evenings (starting at 6:00 p.m. with allowance to 6:15 p.m.).
All weekend games are to be arranged prior to game time. Saturday games will
typically be 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
b. Games will be seven (7) innings in length. Extra innings may be played, but no new
inning may start 2 ½ hours after game start time.
Games may exceed the 2-½ hour time limit to complete a current inning.
ii. The start of game time begins when the first pitch is thrown. The umpire will
announce the start time at the beginning of the game. Each coach will write
this time in their scorebook.
iii. Ties at the end of seven (7) innings or 2 ½ hours will remain a tie.
c. Official Game
A game is considered an official game if called by the umpire due to weather
or darkness after 4 ½ innings if the home team is ahead or 5 innings if the
visiting team is ahead.
If a full inning cannot be completed due to weather, darkness, etc., and the
game has reached official game status, then the score at the end of the
previously completed inning will determine the final score.
iii. If a game cannot be completed due to weather, darkness, etc. and it has not
reached official game status as outlined above, the game will be played from
the point where it was discontinued
Both coaches are to report the results daily to the web site
ww.sportsmanager.us/BYBA.htm. The results will include the following information:
Date game played
ii. Team names
iii. Scores
Pitcher’s name and the number of inning each pitcher pitched. Note: One (1)
pitch constitutes an inning pitched for the game and the week.
A team will be declared the winner if ahead of its opponents by 10 runs after 4 ½
innings if they are the home team or 5 innings if they are the visiting team or at any
succeeding corresponding inning. OHSAA Rule!
Rain outs, will be handled by the home teach coach. They will contact the visiting
team coach and the umpires as soon as possible to inform of a rainout. This should be
done as close to 4:30 p.m. as possible. CALL THE UMPIRE FIRST. As soon as
possible, the home team coach will schedule a make-up date in cooperation with the
visiting team. The reschedule date shall be documented on the web site by submitting
the date to the league director who will be responsible to change the date on the web
site. If the make up or suspended gamed is not rescheduled with one week, Coaches
may request the league director to reschedule the game at any open diamond. Home
team will still be responsible for obtaining and paying umpires. Do not forget to
secure the services of the umpire(s).
Each home team will provide 2 new game balls plus 1 good used ball.
Pitchers will not be able to pitch more than 14 innings a week if four games are
scheduled or 10 innings if three games are scheduled. The calendar week is Monday
through Sunday.
a. No games shall be played with less than eight (8) players. The ninth spot will be left
blank and counted as an out. Coaches may waive this rule before the first pitch.
Should a ninth player appear after the start of the game, then that player shall assume
the ninth spot in the batting order. Recognized Pony League players may be brought
up to play in Babe Ruth games so you will have enough players, but they must play at
least two innings.
b. The Batting order will consist of all players (everybody hits). All teams must play all
players at least three innings in the field and bat once per game. The exceptions to
this are: an injured player and a suspended player that is ineligible because of
disciplinary reasons and a run ruled game (all non-starting players must be entered
into the defensive lineup in or before the top of the fifth inning). Any players
suspended for disciplinary reason shall be identified to the opposing coach and
umpires before the game begins.
c. Each team can start having practice with their players, except for the players on a
school sponsored team. They have to wait until their season is over and they are
released by their school. Should a player become injured or unable to complete a
game after the start of a game and substitutions have already taken place, a substitute
player can take his place.
d. The starting pitcher can return once as a pitcher after being removed as the pitcher.
No other pitcher may return to that position once removed.
e. Bat Throwing
1. A team warning will be issued to the coach after the first incident of a player
throwing a bat either intentionally or unintentionally.
2. The second incident will automatically result in an out to the player who threw
the bat.
3. All subsequent incidents will result in an out to the player who throws the bat
and an automatic ejection from the game. The conduct ejection rule (Section
IV(B) does not apply in this case, unless, in the opinion of the umpire, the
incident was done with malicious intent.
h. No jewelry is to be worn by any player.
i. The players must wear the same number the entire season. If a team has more than
one jersey, the same number must be used on all jerseys of that player.
j. A player must play at least in 50% of the regulator season games to be eligible for
post season tournaments. Players injured during the season shall not be subject to this
rule as long as the coach makes the league aware of the injury at the time of the
5. Game Rules
a. Balk Rule
No balk warnings will be issued.
Sliding Rule
A runner must slide or avoid a fielder in the immediate act of making a play on
him. A runner is out when:
The runner initiates malicious contact.
The runner fails to make a legal slide or does not attempt to avoid the
fielder on a play at any base.
iii. The runner intentionally interferes with a throw or thrown ball.
b. Charged Time Outs
Three (3) charged trips per game are permitted. After that, the pitcher must be
changed with each trip out.
c. Obstruction
Obstruction will be called when a fielder without possession of the ball denies
access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve.
Example 1 There is play at the plate and the catch blocks the plate in possession
and control of the ball, then this is not obstruction. If the catches does not have
possession or control of the ball and blocks the plate, then this is obstruction.
Umpires shall make the determination if the catcher has possession and control of
the ball
Example 2: The pitcher attempts to pick off the runner at first base. The first
baseman drops to a knee and completely blocks the runner access to the base
before the ball arrives. The first baseman is guilty of obstruction.
d. Fielder Interference
If the runner interferes with the defense physically or by yelling at the fielders
during a play on the ball, the runner shall be called out and runners shall be held
at their current position. If a runner is already out and then interferes with another
play, then the runner involved in the second play shall be called out. .
6. Awarding of Points
The winning team or winner by forfeit will be awarded two (2) points and the losing team
will be awarded zero (0) points. In the event of a tie, each team will receive one (1) point.
At the end of the regular season, division winners and tournament seedings will be
determined based upon the total number of points earned. If a tie still exists between two
or more teams, head to head matchups are the first tiebreaker, and records within the
division are the next tiebreaker. If a tie still exists, a coin toss will decide the winner. If
an unequal number of games are played, the League Director makes the final ruling.
7. Forfeits
A forfeit will occur if
a. a team cannot field at least eight (8) players.
b. a team does not play all players eligible for that day’s game, as stated in Section J.
c. a pitcher violates the pitching rules stated in Section M.
d. a team refuses to play a game after arriving at the field for any reason other than
player or fan safety.
e. a team uses a player listed on a travel, select or all-star team roster, or if a team
uses any player ineligible to play.
f. a player, coach, or fan that has been ejected from the game refuses to leave the
Sportsmanship must be shown at all times by the coaches, players, and spectators.
Coaches are responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their players and
a. If an umpire ejects a player, he must serve a one game suspension by sitting on
the sidelines at the next game. A suspension will not be considered served until
such time as the player is at the game on the sidelines.
b. If an umpire a second time ejects that same player, he will be ineligible to play for
the remainder of the season.
c. If a coach is ejected by an umpire or a league director, he must serve a two game
Notification of all protests shall be made to the league director as soon as the perceived
infraction has occurred. The initial notification shall be made by texting, calling or
emailing the league director. Texting is preferred. This gets notification to the league
director quickly so disputes can be handled in a timely manner.
The protest must include the information, which will make the situation clear, what
happened, what the ruling was and what rule was violated. Absolutely no umpire
judgment decisions will be reversed, such as a ball, strike or out calls
10. Equipment
All bats and helmets may be checked by the officials for compliance.
a. Field markings suggested for games are as follows:
The batter’s box should be chalked by a four (4) foot by six (6) foot
ii. The foul lines shall be chalked to the infield/outfield cut.
iii. The coach’s boxes at first and third bases should be marked.
The safety lines to keep the players and equipment off the field of play should
be marked.
The on-deck circle (may be behind safety line) should be marked.
Foul poles or cones in left and right fields should be present.
b. The field distances are as follows:
The length between bases will be 80 feet for Pony and 90 feet for Babe Ruth.
ii. The pitching rubber will be 54 feet from home plate for Pony and 60’ 6” for
Babe Ruth.
Note: If the participating pony team does not have a field with these dimensions available, then a
90-foot length between bases and a 60-foot length between the pitching rubber and home plate
are acceptable.
12. Speed-up Rule
a. Each team may have a courtesy runner for the pitcher and/or catcher at any time. The
courtesy runner shall be the last previous out of the inning.
The one-foot in the box rule will be enforced.
b. Players will hustle on and off the field.
c. No team meetings between innings will be permitted.
d. The catcher will keep his shin guards on until his turn to bat.
e. At the umpire’s discretion, a strike will be called on the offensive team at their next
turn at bat if they do not take their defensive positions in a timely manner (within one
(1) minute, 45 seconds).
f. There will be five (5) warm-up pitches for a continuing pitcher or eight (8) warm-up
pitches for a new pitcher.