Study Skills Syllabus

Study Skills Syllabus
Instructor: Peris Wanjiku
Phone: 785-484-3331
Course Description: Study Skills/Special Education is a course for students with IEPs.
Special education is geared toward providing additional services, support, programs,
specialized placements or environments to ensure that all students' educational needs are
provided for. In the class, students will: learn more about their disability, learn strategies
to help them work within their disability, receive more instructional support, and learn
skills as well as practice being their own self advocate.
Grades: Grades in this class will be based on:
 Planner check- all assignments are to be recorded in your planners as well as what
you did in each of your classes.
 Classroom activity- Each week, there will be classroom lessons and activities to
help you with your IEP goals as well as offer more educational support for your
General Education classes.
 Final- There will be a final at the end of each semester covering what was learned
during the semester.
Homework: There is no homework for this class. Homework assistance will be given
during the class. This does NOT mean that you should leave all your homework for
Study Skills. You will not have enough time to do all your assignments in the time
allotted for homework assistance. Students are expected to do their homework daily, at
home, and only bring problems that they have more questions on, or have a difficult time
understanding. To be successful in all your classes, it is imperative that you do your
assignments in those classes, if given time to do so, and at home.
Computer Use: We are lucky enough to have four computers in the classroom. Please
read Internet Use Agreement in Student Handbook (planner) on page 31. Students are
expected to follow the agreement for the classroom computers. In addition to the
agreement, students will:
 Sign up for computer use
 Use computers under the supervision of a teacher or para
Advisory: If you need help during advisory, please have me sign your planner BEFORE
Expectations: Students in this class will follow the student handbook and L.A.D.D.S
guidelines listed in the student handbook. Other expectations for the classroom are:
No cell phone use in the classroom
Always have a pass when leaving the classroom (Students get 10 passes per
semester. If all passes are not used by the end of the semester, they can be
applied as extra credit).
IPODS and MP3 players can only be used during homework time with the
teachers’ permission and without distracting others in the room. Music shall be
turned down and only heard by you. Teacher will take away this privilege if
Tests shall be taken in the designated test area with adult supervision. Students
are not allowed to talk to each other while taking a test.
All tests/quizzes taken in this room shall be given to the teacher or paras to turn
If finishing a test/quiz, leave the test/quiz with the teacher. STUDENTS WILL
Students are expected to come to the classroom prepared. Bring assignments that
you know you need help with and writing materials.