Hello S4 Family:
Here's what we covered today:
Time Management
The secret weapon to being a successful student is to consistently and energetically use a planner. It
doesn't matter whether an electronic or paper calendar is used. There is only one rule: Use it! No ifs,
ands, or buts!
For students, the key elements to using a planner are:
Deadlines: Know what your assignments are and when they're due.
Begin with the end in mind: Record each assignment on its due date.
Break apart each assignment into manageable parts, estimating how long each chunk and assignment
will take.
Planners should include all extracurricular activities, such as sports practice, community service, dentist
appointments, etc. It is also critical to schedule time to study for upcoming exams. For example: Starting
Monday, study 30 minutes a day for the math quiz on Friday.
Students participated in a number of activities designed to demonstrate how to chunk apart, plan, and
schedule their assignments and studying.
In addition, we helped students plan an important Social Studies project, called the Cartographer
Challenge. We encourage you to speak with your students about this project and to assist them in
meeting deadlines and pacing their work.
Thank you for your support of this program and for your overall dedication to your students’ academic
success. It was truly a privilege to work with your students, and we look forward to continuing this
program in the coming months.
Kind regards,
The S4 Team
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