Are all cells created equally

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Are all cells created equally?
1. Read section 7-4 in your textbook.
a. Give an example of a multicellilar organism.
b. Why do multicellilar organisms have cell specialization?
c. How are pancreas cell specialized for their function in the body?
d. Tell me the 4 levels of organization that cells build in the body. Choose a cell type
(other than what is shown in the book) and draw these levels of organization below.
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2. Write 2 paragraphs reflecting on the following question: Do all cells look the same in
your body? Explain your reasoning. (7-4 in your book may help)
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3. Cells have many functions in the body, a list of cellular functions is below. Use the word
bank to tell me what type of cell in your body performs each task.
Cell Jobs:
What type of cell
performs this job?
Word Bank
Used to pass genes on in reproduction.
Used to absorb nutrients from your food.
Used to pass signals of information from the
brain to the rest of the body.
Used to contract and expand for movement
Used to carry nutrients and gasses through
the entire body.
Lung cells
Nerve cells
Stomach lining
Egg and Sperm
Skin cells
Muscle cells
Blood cells
Used to extract certain gasses from the air we
Forms a protective barrier between the world
and the rest of the cells in the body.
4. Choose one of the cell tasks from the list above.
a. Design and draw a cell that is specifically designed for the task you have chosen.
b. Describe how the cell’s structure that you have created reflects the function of that