Chapter 5: Vocabulary Words

Chapter 5: Vocabulary Words
Nutrition: The process by which the body takes in and uses
Calories: The units of heat that measure the energy used by
the body and the energy that foods supply to the body.
Nutrients: The substances in food that your body needs to
grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy.
Hunger: A naural physical drive that protects you from
Appetite: A desire, rather than a need, to eat.
Carbohydrates: The starches and sugars present in foods.
Fiber: An indigestible complex carbohydrate that is found in
the tough, stringy parts of vegetables, fruits and whole
Proteins: Nutrients that help build and maintain body cells
and tissues.
Lipid: A fatty substance that does not dissolve in water.
Vitamins: Compounds that help regulate many vital body
processes, including the digestion, absorption, and
metabolism of other nutrients.
Minerals: Substances that the body cannot manufacture but
that are needed for forming healthy bones and teeth and for
regulation many vital body processes.
Dietary Guidelines for Americans: A set of recommendations
for healthful eating and active living.
Food Guide Pyramid: A guide for making healthful daily food