Culture Presentations – Multicultural Literature

Culture Presentations – Multicultural Literature
This semester we will be reading, talking and learning about a variety of different
cultures around the world. In order to develop a sense of appreciation and knowledge of
these cultures, we will be putting together a group multimedia presentation.
-At the end of the presentations, we will be answering this essential question:
If you had to live or move to a different part of the world, which culture would best suit
your needs for the human condition?
1) These presentations will be done in groups of 3 (depending on class number); you
may choose your own group
2) Your group will choose a culture to research – this is first come, first serve. Each
group will do a different culture.
3) Your group will research a variety of aspects of each culture, including, but not
limited to: Food, Dress, Traditions, Holidays, Professions, Socio-Economics,
Government, Religion, Education, Housing, Transportation, Hobbies, and other
interesting facts (i.e. how much is a Big Mac, cost of a movie, dance, etc.)
4) Your group is required to also bring in a piece of literature from the chosen
culture. This can be a short story, a novel, a poem, etc. You will summarize what
this piece of literature is about.
5) The presentation will be in a multimedia fashion. You can use any kind of
technology you want to do this.
6) You have the option of presenting this live in front of class or taping it.
7) The presentations should last approximately 25-30 minutes. Make sure you
provide me a Bibliography based on what sources you used for your info.
8) There is a sign-up sheet for date options for your group to choose when they can
This presentation is worth a total of 100 points