press release

The Anthony Nolan Trust
Head Office Tel 020 7 284 1234
12th October 2005
The Anthony Nolan Trust
Kenilworth Round Table Assist Charity in
Life-Saving Local Appeal
Kenilworth Round Table is continuing it’s ongoing local charitable work by supporting The Anthony Nolan
Trust’s donor drive in Warwickshire. A special bone marrow donor recruitment session has been set up to
give local people in Kenilworth the chance to become life-savers.
This session will be held on:
Saturday 26th November 2005; between 1pm and 4pm
at The Abbey Medical Centre, 42 Station Road,
Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 1JD
Every year, hundreds of UK patients need bone marrow transplants to treat life-threatening disorders, such
as Leukaemia. Fewer than 30% of these patients will find a family member with compatible blood stem cells
to donate. For the rest, an unrelated donor is the only chance.
Kenilworth Round Table along with The Anthony Nolan Trust is appealing for more donors from specific
groups to come forward to help save lives. More male donors, donors from ethnic minority groups and
more young donors are urgently sought due to shortages from these vital groups.
Maxine Dadd, Donor Recruitment Manager from Anthony Nolan said: “In order to help maximise the
chances of survival for patients in need of bone marrow transplants we are appealing to males, ethnic
minorities and young people in Kenilworth to take time out to register to become bone marrow donors.
By doing this you could potentially save a life. It could be the most important thing you ever do in your life!
We are very grateful for the wonderful help Kenilworth Round Table and The Abbey Medical Centre are
giving us but we really need the local community to respond.”
To be able to register as a bone marrow donor, you must be aged between 18-40 years, be in good general
health, weigh over 8 stone and be willing to help save the life of any patient you may match.
For more information about becoming a bone marrow donor, please visit the Anthony Nolan website at or come along to the special donor day organised locally.
Should a donor ever match to donate stem cells a short hospital stay is required and the stem cells can be
donated in two ways. Either direct from the bone marrow via the pelvis under a general anaesthetic (cells will
regenerate in the body within 7days) or after a series of injections to increase stem cell production, the extra
cells are withdrawn from veins in the arms (similar to platelet donation). Donors have the choice of donation
method and all donations take place in London. All donor’s loss of earnings and travel costs are covered and
donors have a full medical prior to donating.
New donors must be aged between 18- 40yrs old, and in good health, weigh over 8 stone, not be severely
overweight and be willing to donate stem cells to ANY patient they may ever match.
Key target groups are: male donors, young donors and donors from all ethnic minority backgrounds. More
donors are sought due to shortages of donors from these vital groups.
Potential donor’s wishing to contact The Anthony Nolan Trust - or telephone The Trust
direct on: 020 7 284 1234 or call 24hr donor hotline: 0901 8822234 , if they cannot make the donor session, (calls are
charged at 25p per minute).
Bone marrow, found in the centre of all large bones, is the ‘factory’ where new blood cells are made.
Without it our bodies would be unable to produce the white cells needed to fight infection or the red cells
needed to carry oxygen and remove waste products from organs and tissues. Absence of healthy bone
marrow also prevents the production of platelets, which help blood to clot and stop bleeding.
Matching is performed on tissue type and this is an inherited characteristic passed on from parents to
children so ethnic origin is vital when looking for matches. We are more likely to find a match for a
patient from a donor of a similar ethnic origin.
Maxine Dadd, Donor Recruitment Manager, Anthony Nolan Trust: Mobile: 07766 603171. Office: 01246 434628,
Kenilworth Round Table – Martin Tyrer Mobile: 07889204638