Expectations of Board Members - Best Friends of Neenah

Board Member Expectations
General Expectations
Support Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha’s mission, purposes, goals, policies, and programs while knowing its
strengths and needs.
Suggest possible nominees to the board who are men or women of achievement who can make significant
contributions to the work of the board and the progress of Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha.
Serve actively on committees as requested by the Chief Governance Officer.
Provide input and feedback to the Personnel Committee on the performance of the Executive Director.
Attend activities and events sponsored by Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha whenever possible.
Prepare for and participate in board meetings (100% attendance-6 meetings a year), committee meetings (100%- As
decided by the committee).
Ask timely and substantive questions at board and committee meetings consistent with personal conscience and
convictions, while supporting the majority decision on all issues decided by the board.
Maintain confidentiality of the Board’s executive sessions, and speak for the board or Best Friends of NeenahMenasha only when authorized to do so.
Suggest agenda items periodically for board and committee meetings to ensure that significant policy-related matters
are addressed.
Avoiding Conflict
Serve Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha as a whole rather than any special interest group or constituency.
Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest that might jeopardize the reputation of the board or Best Friends
of Neenah-Menasha, and disclose any possible conflicts to the board in a timely fashion.
Never accept (or offer) favors or gifts from (or to) anyone who does business with Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha.
Fiduciary Responsibility
Exercise prudence with the board in the control and transfer of funds.
Faithfully read and understand Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha’s financial statements and otherwise help the board
fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.
Make an annual gift to Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha according to personal means, with the realization of the
leadership role that a board must play in fund development for entities such as United Way Fox Cities and the
Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region.
Assist Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha by implementing fund development strategies.
(For example, Accompany the Executive Director on donor visits, attend donor engagement events, write Thank You notes to donors, call donors to say Thank
You, drop a personal note to lapsed donors, Identify potential friends at cultivation events, donate to the best of your ability, identify and recruit board
members, provide names and addresses for direct mail campaigns, Identify potential corporate donors, Introduce the Executive Director to key community
leaders, recruit teams for Strike It Up for Kids, speak at Rotary-Kiwanis-Optimist etc. on behalf of Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha, speak frequently about
Best Friends and its programs and purpose).
Participate actively in all Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha’s fund raising special events, programs, and activities.