Earthquake and Volcano Scavenger Hunt

Earthquakes and volcanoes are some of the most destructivegeologic events that happen to our earth. Below are
questions thatwill help you learn more about what causes them. Follow the links atthe beginning of each section to
find the answers. Good Luck!
Watch the animation to answer these questions.
1. What is the layer beneath the earth's crust called?
2. What is a subduction zone?
3. How are mountains formed?
4. Where do most earthquakes happen?
5. What is a strike-slip fault?
Exploratorium: Faultline
6. Why do quakes happen more often in some parts of the United States than others?
7. What did Alfred Wegener name his "supercontinent"? (hint: look at the mapof the world 225 million years ago)
8. What two plates meet at the San Andreas fault?
9. Name 2 of the 3 ways plates can collide.
10. What kind of fault happens under the ocean?
11. What does a seismometer measure?
12. What is an advantage of using new digital seismometers?
13. What scale is used to measure the energy of an earthquake?
14. According to the world map, when and where did the most powerful earthquake take place in the last 7 days?
Cascades Volcano Observatory
Section: What is a volcano?
15. How are volcanoes built?
Section: Why do volcanoes occur?
16. What is magma?
17. What is lava?
Section: Where do Volcanoes Occur?
18. Where do volcanoes occur most frequently?
Section: When Will a Volcano Erupt?
19. Name two things that might happen to warn us that a volcanic eruption could occur.
Current Eruptions
20. Name two facts about the Kilauea volcano that made news in January, 2004?
21. What kind of volcano is the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii?
22. Name a volcano that erupted in the same month as your birthday.
Section - Volcanoes: Earth's Volcanoes – Mt. Shasta
23. What state is Mt. Shasta in?
24. How tall is Mt. Shasta?
25. When do scientists think the most recent eruption of Mt. Shasta was?
Section - Mt. St. Helens: After the Eruption: Lava Domes: The Dome
26.When did Mr. St. Helens last erupt?
27. How old is Mt. St. Helens? (Hint: scroll down to find Eruptive History)
28. How tall is Mt. St. Helens lava dome? (look in the Lava Dome section)