Letter Head (带有公司抬头的信纸)

Letter Head (带有公司抬头的信纸)
Battery Safety Declaration
Dear Sir or Madam:
Sub: Certificate For Non-Dangerous Goods (Non-hazardous & Non-Flammable)
Referring the captioned shipment XX carton of dry batteries, I would like to declare that all are
sealed, non-vented batteries of the type used in XXXXXXXXXXX (e.g. notebook computer ).
They contained Zinc salts and other solids, or may be of the nickel cadmium type or other
combinations of metals.
Such batteries have been packed in inner packaging in such a manner as to effectively prevent
movement which could lead to short circuits.
Thank your for you attention and co-operation.
Job Title: Supervisor or Above
Full name: XXXXXXXXX
Signature and Company Chop