Electrochemical contributions to a sustainable Energy Future

Electrochemical contributions to a sustainable Energy Future
Yair Ein-Eli
Department of Materials EnScience and gineering, Technion-Israel Institute of
Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel
Electrochemical systems are being thought as the solution for the vast demand
for high power (ultra-capacitors) and energy (batteries) density. Such systems hold a
great promise, while pressure on researchers grows as the need for more energy
“juice” in mobile device (from small hand held electronic to large mobile systems as
EV), dramatically increase as technology is evolved faster. Air batteries contain high
volumetric energy density due to their unique structure as most of the battery volume
consists of the anode (fuel), while air (and more specifically oxygen), is being
consumed from the atmosphere via a thin air cathode membrane. In this talk, we will
review well established Li –ion technologies and the technology of the future. Metalair technologies (Zn and Al air batteries) are already commercialized, and we will be
discussing the most advanced metal-air batteries based on Li and Si as fuels (anodes).
The introduction of a new class of electrolytes, based on room temperature ionic
liquids (RTIL’s) may enable the establishment and commercialization of these
advanced metal air batteries for electric vehicles (EV).