Humanities Y6 Assessment Notification Task Description

Year 6 Humanities Assessment
Fieldwork – Land Use Maps
Criterion A: Knowledge
Criterion B: Concepts
Criterion C: Skills
Criterion D: Organization and Presentation
Name: _________________________________
Homeroom: Y6 ___________
Teachers: Ms. Taylor, Mr. Wong, Ms. Morris
Notification Date: The week of May 21, 2012
Due Date: The week of May 28, 2012
Task Description:
We have been learning about maps and the skills that go into making maps. This assessment
will be based on how well you use the skills that you have learned during class and how well
you understand the concepts connected to this unit. You will be creating a detailed report
and a map that conveys the use of land in Yuen Shue Wan Village on lamma Island.
1. You will be collecting data from your fieldwork trip (Lamma Island). Your collection of data
should be in the form of drawings/sketches, photos and notes.
2. You need to organize the data into the form of a report and a land use map that can
explain the report visually.
3. Your land use map should be detailed and labeled with colour.
4. Your report should be detailed, descriptive and follow the outline and the criterion
Learning Outcomes:
Know and use humanities terminology in context
 Demonstrate subject content knowledge and understanding through the use of descriptions and
explanations, supported by relevant facts and examples, and may show other ways of knowing
 Recognize, describe and explain patterns and relationships in space, including natural and human
environments (scale, perspective, measurement, convenience, comparison)
 Engage in fieldwork in order to complement an investigation
Communicate information that is relevant to the topic
Organize information in a logically sequenced manner, appropriate to the format used
 Present and express information and ideas in a clear and concise manner, using appropriate language,
style and visual representation