Personal Project: Assessment Criteria

Personal Project: Assessment
A break down of each criteria
Criterion A: The Process
The three areas below you MUST be aware of:
 Organization: Are your thought processes documented in a
manner that your supervisor can follow? Are you meeting
 Communication: Are you taking initiative to meet with
your supervisor and collaborate about ideas?
 Information: Does your process journal demonstrate the
process of thinking and reflecting?
Criterion B: Define the Goal
Students must:
 Identify and explain a topic based on a personal interest
 Justify your global context for the project
 What lens did you pick and why?
Outline a clear and challenging goal
Establish a success criteria
 How will you know if your project is successful?
Criterion C: Select Sources
For this criteria students will need to:
 Select a variety of sources including primary and
 Evaluate sources by determining what type of
information you want and where to look for that
 Sources will need to be documented on a bibliography
page at the end of your paper
Criterion D: Apply
Keep in mind that this criteria will be demonstrated
primarily in your report. Students will need to:
 Apply information to make decisions and create
 Your rational for each decision should be recorded
in your process journal and report
Criterion E: Achieve the Goal
This criteria is strongly connected to your product or
final outcome.
 Students and their supervisors will evaluate the final
product against the established design specifications
 Your design specifications should already be
recorded in your process journal (Remember you
could use a rubric, checklist, tally sheet, etc. as a
means for measuring success)
Criterion F: Reflecting on
Evidence for this criteria will be demonstrated in your
final report. Students will need to:
 Share what they learned about the topic as well as
their global context
 Identify how they have grown as a learner
Criterion G: Report the
As stated in previous slides, students will write a final
personal project report. Guidelines for this report will
be given 2nd semester. In the meantime, students should
keep in mind:
 The report will need to be organized according to
the format provided
 Strong communication skills and acknowledgment
of sources need to be in the report