Solubility Pre-Test

Solubility Pre-Test
1. When two or more substances are mixed together but retain their separate identities,
they are called…
a) solution
b) mixture
c) compound
2. An example of a mixture would be..
a) sand and water
b) water and alka-seltzer tablet
c) kool-aide and water
3. A measure of how tightly packed the matter in an object is ….
a) buoyancy
b) solubility
c) density
4. When a water bottle is frozen, the bottle will…
a) contract (shrink)
b) expand (get bigger)
c) stay the same
5. A liquid evaporates when it reaches the ….
a) Melting point
b) Boiling point
c) Freezing point
6. When substances that mix together are said to be dissolved, we call this …
a) a mixture
b) a solution
c) a solvent
7. Which of the following would be a solvent?
a) salt
b) sugar
c) water
8. Which of the following would be a solute?
a) sugar
b) water
c) soda