Mixtures and Solutions

Mixtures and Solutions
2 or more substances PHYSICALLY
mixed together
parts can be separated through
physical means
Parts retain their properties
A homogenous (evenly distributed)
mixture of 2 or more substances
A solute is dissolved in the solvent
Salt = solute
Water = solvent
A solid solution of 2 or more substances
that includes atleast 1 metal
Steel: Iron and Carbon
Brass: copper and zinc
Physical Properties
Properties that can be observed without
changing the chemical structure of the
ex: color, size, luster, melting point
chemical properties
Properties that are observed by
changing the chemical structure of a
Ex: Heat of combustion, Reactivity
with water
Chemical or Physical?
water boils at 100 degrees Celcius
Diamonds cut glass
water can be separated by hydrolysis
into hydrogen and oxygen
Sugar dissolves in water
vinegar reacts with baking soda
Wood is flammable